Bringing the Spirit of 1773 Back to Boston

Planning Central for the Boston Tea Party Protests

Health Care Rally 16/10/2009

As Congress debates a national health care bill, the mainstream media tells us that our choices are limited: a trillion-dollar, national monstrosity of a bill that would nationalise 1/6th of the economy, or allow people to die in the streets when we have the ability to save them.

There are many other solutions out there.  Please come to our Real Health Care Reform rally to hear pro-consumer, pro-doctor, pro-freedom ideas for reforming American health care.


Speaker Highlights:

  • Todd Feinberg – Master of Ceremonies
  • Don Feder
  • Dr. Mildred Jefferson
  • Dr. Alan Unruh
  • Sandi Martinez
  • Carla Howell
  • Jared Rhoads
  • Brad Marston
  • and more!

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