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The CNN Debacle 23/04/2009

Filed under: Assortment,Media Bias,Tea Party 2009 — bridget @ 2:11 am

After CNN came under fire for Susan Roesgen’s shameful treatment of the Chicago Tea Party patriots, the network has put her on vacation, removed the video of her journalistic meltdown, and, when that failed to stop the rising tide of anti-Roesgen complaints, removed the video from YouTube.

CNN is now threatening people who re-post its video with copyright infringement. Patterico’s call to arms asks bloggers to re-post the video to thwart CNN’s cover-up. He also links to Ben Sheffer, who says that posting the video, given the facts that he is aware of, is an “easy” case: it definitely falls under the “fair use” exception to the Copyright Act. So here’s a link to Patterico’s own YouTube copy of the video.

Although this blogger would be happy to be a co-defendant in a copyright infringement case, brought by CNN against those who have the temerity to criticise them, she does not think that it will come to that. CNN may have a rogue reporter (perhaps one goaded on by her organisation), but it cannot afford to anger the 51% of Americans who support the Tea Parties.

Meanwhile, Eric Odom is calling for a boycott of CNN’s sponsors. Obviously, many Tea Party attendees and sympathizers do not watch the channel, so a boycott of it would be ineffective; however, a boycott of its sponsors and advertisers would demonstrate that the American people will not abide a media that treats citizens as a hostile enemy.


One Response to “The CNN Debacle”

  1. Dan Kauffman Says:

    I put that video up on my website and compared it to an example of what IMO is balanced reporting on the subject by
    Russia Today TV?

    How did we come to a place where a Russian journalist acts professionally and CNN acts like Socialist attack dogs?

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