Bringing the Spirit of 1773 Back to Boston

Planning Central for the Boston Tea Party Protests

Patriots Day Rally 2012 03/04/2012

Date: Sunday, 15 April 2012

Time: 1 pm – 4:00 pm

Place: Boston Common at the Band Stand

Speakers: We are proud to announce that Senator Rick Santorum and Governor Gary Johnson are scheduled speakers.  Other speakers include:

  • Louie Gohmert – (R-TX) and former district judge
  • Diana Reimer – National Coordinator, Tea Party Patriots
  • Jack Coleman – NewsBusters 
  • Carla Howell – Executive Director, National Libertarian Party
  • Rev. Paul Jehle – The Plymouth Rock Foundation
  • Tom Weaver – Show ID to Vote
  • Leo Martin – Director of Education, Jenney Grist Mill; historian
  • Brian Camenker – Director, MassResistence
  • Rabbi John Housman – Ahavath Torah
  • Ed King – Founder, Citizens for Limited Taxation (CLT)
  • Dave Kopaz – President, Massachusetts Republican Assembly (MARA)
  • Don Feder – columnist and consultant
  • Rev. Garrett Lear – The Patriot Pastor
  • Rev. Scott Lively – Abiding Truth

Plan: You and all of your libertarian/conservative/independent/liberal friends.  Bring yourself, the family, some tea, a bit of pulled pork, some signs, a costume, and party like it’s 1773.  Bring the kids: we’ll have face-painting and balloon-making!

Links: See our sidebar for links to the Facebook Event, Mass Tea Party Coalition, the National Tax Day Tea Party Page, Twitter, and many more.

Logistics: check out our logistics page! Meet up there for carpooling, parking info, maps, directions, etc.  (Yes, I’m updating this as soon as possible.)

Pre-party: Celebrate Patriots Day by taking a guided tour of Lexington and Concord!  Sign up for Rich Howell’s tour on the Facebook page or website.

Contact: Mass Tea Party Coalition at  Find the Mass Tea Party on Facebook, Twitter, and on the Web.


6 Responses to “Patriots Day Rally 2012”

  1. Matthew Says:

    I’m surprised you haven’t removed Gov. Gary Johnson’s name from the list of attendees/speakers, as Gov. Johnson has cancelled his participation as he does not wish to associate himself with anti-gay hate group leaders such as Scott Lively and Brian Camenker. It’s one thing to advocate for smaller government and lower taxes, it’s quite another to demonize one particular minority of citizens (LGBT people) and advocate criminalization of homosexuality as Lively has done. Such fear-mongers should not be included as participants.

  2. srunet Says:

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