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Carpooling, Parking Etc 13/04/2009

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A few people have mentioned that they need rides into Boston for our Tea Party. If you either need a ride in, or would like to share gas and parking, please use this space to get in touch with fellow Tea Party revelers. Include your town, time when you would like to leave and return, and your email. Unfortunately, us Tea Party mavens can’t vouch for anyone, so please be sensible about meeting people over the internet.

Logistics: street parking is available in Boston, although hard to find. There is a two-hour limit, and it’s $1.25/hour (quarters only). GOPMom suggested the parking garage underneath Boston Common, as it is very close to the event and relatively inexpensive.

Once you’ve arrived at the State House/Common area (near the Park Street T stop), look for the group with signs, American flags, tables, and a tent.


4 Responses to “Carpooling, Parking Etc”

  1. Neil Alanski Says:

    I’m from California, currently in Leominster, MA and don’t have a car (it’s a long story). Leominster is near the 2 into Boston and also near the 190 to Worchester. I’m open and available time-wise and willing to go to either or both events. I can pitch in for gas and/or parking. I’d love to be a part.

    Email me at

    Thanks, and stay committed,

  2. Neil Alanski Says:

    P.S. Thank you, theobromophile for creating these spaces. I don’t know how you do it or where you get the time, but you sure do it well!

  3. Ellen Says:


    I get conflicting info on the time of this event….Does anyone know the correct start and end times for the Boston Tea Party?

    • Helpful Patriot Says:

      Brewer Fountain (meeting near 165 Tremont) at 11:00 a.m through the afternoon.

      Also, Columbus Park 4pm – 6pm.

      Hope to see you there today.

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