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Welcome, Facebook-ers! 03/03/2009

Filed under: Tea Party 2009 — bridget @ 6:34 am

Welcome to the unoffical site/blog for the Boston portion of the 2009 Tea Parties.  Over the next week, I’ll be spiffing the place up – adding links, getting planning info together, and, hopefully, getting some of y’all to blog.

First tea party protest: 15 April.  Tentative location: State House.

Second tea party protest: 04 July.

Find us on our Facebook group.


2 Responses to “Welcome, Facebook-ers!”

  1. JEG Says:

    I have wanted to pay my due taxes in tea bags. Another thought was to send a tea bag to my elected officials;but I thought they would not get it have the hazmat crew in and then be at my door. I’m in!

  2. gopmom Says:

    I’m in and bringing 50 friends.
    Make an appearance, make a sign, make a difference.

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